More Branded Pop Up Gazebo and Printed Market Stall ideas, plus bespoke Shopping Centre Trade Stands

Print Design Studio Manchester
Our busy graphic design studio based in central Manchester

Our design team are kept constantly busy with Branded Pop Up Gazebo and Branded Market Stall projects as well as print design work for other types of Bespoke Trade Stands that are manufactured alongside our Market Stalls at our factory in Derbyshire. In this article we’ll be looking more closely at some of these projects which include Printed Market Stalls for Street Food Vendors at Brick Lane Up Market as well as a number of other recently completed Branded Pop Up Gazebo and Market Stall jobs, plus an interesting Bespoke Shopping Centre Trade Stand project we’ve been working on for The Amazing Chocolate Workshop Co.

Branded Market Stalls

All areas of our market stall canopies, side walls and counter skirts can be printed with your own text or graphics; whether it’s a basic logo or an all encompassing full colour digital print, we have solutions to cater for all budgets.

Printed Street Food Market Stall
CUPBAB Branded Market Stall featuring roof canopy with detachable front banner, printed rear banner and counter skirt, all designed to fit the operator-supplied market stall frames at Sunday’s Up Market on Brick Lane.

One solution completed recently for CUPBAB, a Street Food Vendor at Brick Lane Up Market (pictured above) involved producing a roof canopy with detachable front banner, printed rear banner and printed front counter skirt to fit the market stalls supplied by Brick Lane Up Market operator Truman Brewery. We supplied the original stall frameworks to Truman Brewery so had exact dimensions to hand and the customer came to us with a clear idea of what they required which helped ensure the job ran smoothly. This level of branding costs in the region of £330 + VAT as of November 2015. If you’re a street food vendor at Brick Lane Up Market and are interested in a Branded Market Stall like this then get in touch; our design team can assist with all aspects of the print design process and a digital print template can be provided by email if you’d like to compile your own design.

Toot Sweets Printed Market Stall
Toot Sweets Printed Wirksworth Elite Market Stall with striped roof canopy and back wall and digitally printed counter skirt. Read more about our Wirksworth Elite Market Stalls which are available with or without custom printing.

Our customers range from small independent traders — see images above of a recent printed market stall we completed for Toot Sweets of Grimsby — through to national brands like Bella Italia restaurants (pictured below) to whom we regularly supply Branded Market Stalls for promotional use. In the case of Toot Sweets (and Owow Chocolate Crackling, also pictured below) we were tasked with producing much of the print design work ourselves having been briefed by the customer and provided with a logo. In other cases, such as Bella Italia and Flintstone Jewellery (pictured further down this page) the customer may have clear design ideas in mind for their Printed Market Stall or Gazebo and will prepare the design themselves using our supplied print templates. We then step in to make the final preparations prior to beginning the print process. However you choose to work with us we do not charge extra for artwork design; it’s all part of the service.

Printed Market Stall Owow Chocolates
Printed Wirksworth Elite Market Stall for Owow Chocolate Crackling, featuring digitally printed counter skirt and back wall and chocolate brown roof canopy.
Bella Italia Restaurants Branded Market Stall
Tansley Elite Branded Market Stall with Bella Italia printed roof canopy and counter skirt. Read more about our Tansley Elite Market Stalls which are available with or without custom printing.

Branded Pop Up Gazebos

Pictured below is a recently completed branded pop up gazebo for Flintstone Jewellery. The gazebo is one of our S40 3m x 3m models and features full digital print on the roof and sidewalls. All our gazebos are supplied with framework, roof canopy, sidewalls (optional), wheeled carry bag and tie down kit (ropes and pegs). This gazebo was also supplied with steel jigsaw gazebo leg weights which are a popular accessory for weighing down pop up gazebos on hard standing ground where ropes and pegs cannot be used. Read more about our pop up gazebos. Want one like this? Get in touch today for full details.

Printed and Branded Pop Up Gazebo
Full digital print on the roof and side walls of our S40 3m x 3m Pop Up Gazebo.

Bespoke Shopping Centre Trade Stands with Branding

Amazing Chocolate Workshop Branded Shopping Centre Trade Stand
Amazing Chocolate Workshop Branded Shopping Centre Trade Stand

Aside from Branded Pop Up Gazebos and Market Stalls we also tackle many bespoke trade stand projects such as the one shown above for the Chocolate Workshop who are setting up trade stands in Shopping Centres all over the UK in the run up to Christmas to cash in on the gift buying season. This kind of bespoke trade stand work typically requires a design consultation and the production of several prototypes to perfect the design prior to commencing full production. Our engineers and fabricators in Derbyshire work in partnership with the customer and our visualising and graphic design team based in Manchester to ensure that the finished structure and its associated branding meet with expectations; this is particularly relevant in the case of shopping centres where a great deal of emphasis is placed upon the aesthetics of trade stands.

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Custom Printed Market Stalls, Branded Gazebos, Embroidered Money Belts. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

It’s been a busy few months for Gavin Kenning Engineering with lots of custom printed market stall and branded pop up gazebo jobs on the go. We’ve also introduced a new custom embroidery service for our Bunse Money Belts and perhaps most exciting of all, are in the progress of updating our range of British Made Elite Market Stalls which we’ll be unveiling in the coming weeks. So without further ado, here’s a recap of some of the jobs we’ve been working on recently.

Street Food Market Stall
Kicking things off on the Street Food theme, here is one of a number of Street Food Market Stalls based on our Tansley Elite frame which we’ve produced for Birmingham based Theo’s Food Company, shown here with custom printed roof canopy and counter skirt.
Here’s another Tansley Elite Branded Market Stall produced for Derbyshire based Bohns Rubs. Taking inspiration from their packaging design, we produced a custom printed counter skirt wrap with a plain black roof canopy.

Incidentally, if you want to see how quick and easy it is to assemble one of our Tansley Elite Market Stalls then check out the above video.

branded pop up gazebo
London based Harissa and Lemon approached us looking for a fully branded pop up gazebo featuring their eye catching rustic logo. The gazebo is shown here with printed front counter skirt, roof canopy and double sided print on the back wall to maximise brand visibility.
S40 branded pop up gazebo
Street Food Company House of DODO asked us to produce printed half side walls and a sky banner with their logo, all set against a rusty steel backdrop, for their S40 Pop Up Gazebo.
Branded Pop Up Gazebo
It’s always a pleasure working with our long time customer Drum and Kernel Popcorn and their beautifully crafted eye catching logo, seen here on one of our heavy duty S50 Pop Up Gazebos.
Arsenal Football Club Printed Market Stall
As part of a new community initiative, Arsenal Football Club asked us to produce a custom printed Wirksworth Elite market stall for them. The print design and colour takes inspiration from the Arsenal Football Club logo and the hexagonal honeycomb shapes found in football goal nets.
Fun Fair Side Stall Market Stall
Here’s a version of one of our Goosefair Elite funfair style Side Stalls which are a popular choice for events organisers. Think hook-a-duck, tin can alley and coconut shys. These structures are the epitome of the traditional fair ground environment.
Candy Floss Market Stall
Keeping on the fun fair striped theme, he’s a custom printed pink stripe candy floss market stall we produced for one of our customers recently. The striped back wall and counter skirt were offset with a grey roof and upper grey side walls (not shown).
Wirksworth Elite Branded Market Stall
Working with regular customer Kilted Fudge’s own logo, we produced an incredibly eye catching tartan wrap that proved exceptionally popular with their customers. So much so that they came back for a second Branded Market Stall and printed table cover (see below).
Printed Table Covers
We also print customised table covers, typically for folding trestle tables, like these produced for Aviemore based Kilted Fudge Company and London based Pished Fish.
Embroidered Custom Bunse Money Belts
Lastly, to compliment our comprehensive range of branded market stalls and pop up gazebos, here are some examples of our embroidered Bunse Market Trader Money Belts which were recently produced for Open For Art Festival and the Natural History Museum.

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