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Market StallsDemonstrator Market Stalls

Convey striking demonstrations with our Demonstrator Stall

Our Demonstrator Market Stalls are typically used by traders who sit or stand behind the counter in the cut-out at the rear of the stall in order to demonstrate household products such as carpet detergents or vacuum cleaners, perfumes or even power tools. The cutout brings the trader closer to the front of the stall and allows a better opportunity to grab the attention of curious passers by. Counter height is 30 inches.

Our Demonstrator Market Stall is available in 8ft x 4ft and 10ft x 4ft sizes as a starter kit or steelwork only. As with all our Market Stalls we can customise this stall's design to your own requirements.
  8ft x 4ft 10ft x 4ft
number of parts
28 28
steelwork / starter kit
51kg / 61kg 56kg / 70kg
cover to suit
12ft x 18ft
to cover top and back
12ft x 18ft
to cover top and back
counter to suit
3 off 4ft x 2ft boards 1 off 4ft x 2ft
2 off 3ft x 4ft boards
maximum length
7.0ft 7.0ft
price steelwork only
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price starter kit
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Can't find what you're looking for? We manufacture market stalls and other steel fabrications to your own specification. See our Custom Design section.

Demonstrator Market Stall Angle 1

Demonstrator Market Stall Angle 2

Demonstrator Market Stall Assembly Diagram