Walk-In Market Stalls and Open Market Stalls and Show Stands ideal for Selling Clothes

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Walk-In Market Stall Range

Covered Trading Spaces for selling a large variety of products and services

Our Walk-In Market Stalls are often used by market traders who sell fashion garments or require a large covered trading space which could be used for displaying products on the ground, on counter tops or on free standing displays. Our range includes the following:

  • General Purpose Walk-In Market Stalls which are frequently used by traders selling pushchairs displayed on the ground, or greetings cards displayed on freestanding card racks.
  • Large Walk-In Market Stalls featuring a waist rail from which fashion goods, used in conjunction with our hanger brackets as well as our dress rails, can be displayed, as well as rugs and carpets.
  • Walk-In Market Stalls with Counters of which we sell several types with Front or Rear counters, or counters around all 3 sides, all of which have uses varying from jewellery and makeup display to catalogue returns and electronics sales.

Follow the links below for full details and technical specifications on all our Walk-In Market Stalls...