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Our Step Displays are a simple way to complement your products

Our Step Displays will help to complement your products, bringing items closer to the customer's eye level, enabling a greater number of products to be displayed more effectively in the same space. Step Displays are a simple and flexible solution best used in conjunction with our Market Stall Tables, Traditional Market Stalls or Walk-In Market Stalls with Counters. The wooden counters for our Step Displays, made from 18mm plywood to avoid drooping, can be cut to any length since the steelwork supports are freestanding and can be placed at any distance apart, within reason. Our Step Displays also pack flat for easy transportation.

Step Displays are available as 9 inch x 9 inch two step or 6 inch x 6 inch 3 step arrangements. However, as with all our steelwork products, they can also be made to your own specification.
  9" x 9" 6" x 6"
number of parts
6 6
steelwork / kit
15kg / 33kg 15kg / 33kg
price steelwork only
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price full kit
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Can't find what you're looking for? We manufacture market stalls and other steel fabrications to your own specification. See our Custom Design section.

2 Step Display

3 Step Display

Step Display Assembly Diagram